Basic Universal Cable

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Basic Universal Cable
Basic Universal Cable

Name Basic Universal Cable
Source Mod Mekanism
ID Name Unknown
Type Cable
Stackable Yes (64)

The Basic Universal Cable is the first tier of Universal Cables in Mekanism. The Basic Universal Cable is capable of transferring the equivalent of 200 RF/t.

Universal Cables are capable of transferring multiple types of energy between different storage systems. Universal Cables are capable of transferring BuildCraft MJs, RF, EU and of course Mekanism's own Joules.

The conversion rate is 4 RF from Thermal Expansion to 1 EU from IndustrialCraft2.

Providing a redstone signal to a Universal Cable will cause the cable to disconnect from adjacent cables and stop transferring power. This can be used as a switch to toggle the energy flow.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Steel Ingot (Mekanism)
Steel Ingot (Mekanism)

Basic Universal Cable

Age of Engineering[edit]


Basic Universal Cable can be used to create the following items: