Champion Mobs

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Champion Mobs are minibosses added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. Every hostile mob can become a mini boss with a small chance, different for almost every mob. Minibosses have increased health, damage and one of the following abilities. They also drop Common Treasure and Uncommon Treasure when killed and sometimes Rare Treasure when killed with Fortune III weapon.

List of Abilities[edit]


The mob will take only 76% of the damage dealt to it.


The mob will charge the ground it steps on, similar to Champion Eldritch Guardian.


The attacks of this mob will set the target on fire for 4 seconds.


The attacks of this mob will apply Wither debuff for 10 seconds.


This mob will spawn with a Taint Spore riding it.


Deals 4.5x more damage. For example, Mighty Crimson Praetor deals 54 damage (27 hearts). The most dangerous mini boss to fight.


The attacks of this mob will apply Poison debuff for 5 seconds.


The attacks of this mob will apply Hunger debuff for 25 seconds.


Deals 1 to 4 damage to the attacker for each attack.


Has the same effect as Regeneration III buff. (Even better than Regeneration II from Notch Apple). Second most dangerous mini boss to fight. May be even unkillable in some cases.


Will heal for 50% of the damage dealt to enemies, maximum of 2 health.


Gets (additional) Runic Shield for 50% of the mob's max health.


Teleports around like an Enderman.


There are 4 champions added by Thaumcraft 4 mod. These mobs will have always one random ability of the list above, and some of them have another one inbuilt. Visit the pages in the Bosses category in the navigation box below for more info.