Electric Pump

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Electric Pump
Electric Pump

Electric Pump

Name Electric Pump
Source Mod Mekanism
ID Name Unknown
Type Block
Stackable No
Capacity 10 kJ (4 kRF)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Wrench (BuildCraft)

The Electric Pump is a machine to pump fluids added by the Mekanism mod, similar to a Pump (BuildCraft). It uses energy supplied by the side to pump the liquid under it. Water source are not deleted by this pump.


Without upgrade : pumps 50 mB/t of liquid, consummes 100 J/t (40 RF/t), stores up to 10 kJ (4 kRF).

Fully upgraded : pumps 500 mB/t of liquid, consummes 1000 J/t (400 RF/t), stores up to 100 kJ (40 kRF).

This machine can accept the following upgrades :

  • 8 Speed Upgrade : each upgrade multiplies the speed by 1.33 up to 10, and the energy consumption by 1.78 (1.33²) up to 100.
  • 8 Energy Upgrade : each upgrade multiplies the energy storage by 1.33 up to 10, and divides the energy consumption by 1.33 up to 10.
  • 1 Filter Upgrade : used to pump Heavy Water from a water source.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Enriched Alloy
Steel Casing
Enriched Alloy
Osmium Ingot (Mekanism)
Osmium Ingot (Mekanism)
Osmium Ingot (Mekanism)
Electric Pump


Electric Pump has no known uses in crafting.