Feed The Beast Vanilla+

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Feed The Beast Vanilla+
Feed The Beast Vanilla+
Name Feed The Beast Vanilla+
Creator The FTB Team
Launcher Feed The Beast Launcher
Latest Version 1.0.0
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Official Website and Changelog

Vanilla+ is a 1.7 modpack created by the FTB team to enhance the feel of vanilla Minecraft without completely changing the gameplay.

Launcher Description

Sometimes there's nothing better than the classics. Return to the basics with Vanilla+, a carefully crafted modpack designed to enhance and expand the vanilla Minecraft experience. All the fun and cleanliness of a fresh instance but with the raw horsepower and flexibility of Forge and mods tucked neatly under the hood.

Mod List

Version 1.0.0 of the Vanilla+ Pack includes the following mods by default:

Name Version
AgriCraft 1.3.1
Antique Atlas 4.2.2
AppleCore 1.1.0
Bibliocraft 1.10.4
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.6
ChiselTones 1.0-1
Compact Storage
Custom Main Menu 1.5
DecoCraft 2.0.2
Dense Ores 1.6.2
EnderCompass 1.1
Et Futurum 1.1.1
Extra Buttons
FastLeafDecay 1.0
Flat Signs
Forge Multipart
Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10i
Hopper Ducts 1.3.2
INpure Core 1.0.0B9-62
Inventory Tweaks 1.59-dev-152
JABBA 1.2.1a
Just Another Crafting Bench 1.0.2
LavaBoat mod 2.0.0
Luppii's Ladders 0.5.0
Mantle 0.3.2
Mine & Blade Battlegear 2
Minetweaker 3.0.9C
Morpheus 1.6.4
NEI Addons
NEI Integration 1.0.10
Not Enough Items
Project Red
Resource Loader 1.2
Steve's Workshop 0.5.1
Storage Drawers 1.5.5
The Spice of Life 1.2.3
Torch Tools
ttCore 0.1.0-67
Waila 1.5.10
Ztones 2.2.1