Mushroom Stew

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The main article can be found at Minecraft Wiki: Mushroom Stew.

Mushroom Stew
Mushroom Stew

Name Mushroom Stew
Source Mod Minecraft
ID Name
First Appearance MC Beta 1.6
Type Item
Stackable No
Food 6 (Hunger.pngHunger.pngHunger.png)
Saturation 0.6

Mushroom Stew is a food item from vanilla Minecraft made from Mushrooms. When eaten, it will restore six hunger points (three icons) and return a Bowl.

Alternatively to crating the stew, it can be obtained by right-clicking an empty Bowl on a Mooshroom.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Mushroom (Red)

Mushroom (Brown)


Mushroom Stew


  • Besides drinks, Mushroom Stew is the only food item that returns another item (in this case the Bowl) when eaten.