NOT Gate (Project Red)

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NOT Gate
NOT Gate

NOT Gate

Name NOT Gate
Source Mod Project Red
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light Yes (7)
Flammable No
Required Tool Any tool
A top view of the NOT Gate with the input (IN) side on the left and outputs (OUT) on all other sides of the block.

NOT Gate is a redstone logic component added by the Project Red (Integration) mod. It acts as a signal inverter used in electronics, also referred to as NOT Gate. When receiving a high signal (1), it will output a low signal and when it receives a low signal (0) it will output a high signal. This is very similar to a basic inverter made using a block and a Redstone Torch. Any redstone signal strength that is not zero is accepted as a valid high input signal (1). A high output signal from the gate is always a redstone signal at maximum signal strength (15).

Like all logic blocks added by the mod, the NOT Gate can be placed on any side of a block. This, with the addition of the fact that it is a single block, makes it a lot more compact and versatile than a vanilla inverter circuit.

When right-clicking the gate with a Screwdriver, it will toggle between various permutations of output configurations where one or two of the outputs are disabled. This means they will not output a signal when the input is low (0) and they will not connect up to any wires.

It takes two ticks for a signal change to propagate from the input to the output of the gate. This means that as there are 20 ticks in a second, it would take one second for a signal change to propagate through ten of these gates.

When the player hovers over the block with their crosshairs, a layout is drawn around the block denoting the names of the in-/output sides.

Truth table[edit]

Input Output
0 1
1 0


GUI Crafting Table.png
Circuit Plate
Circuit Plate
Circuit Plate
Conductive Plate
Circuit Plate
NOT Gate (Project Red)


NOT Gate (Project Red) has no known uses in crafting.


  • In real integrated circuits using technologies such as NMOS or CMOS transistors, a gate will output the current from the power source, which means that a high signal output does not rely on the voltage of the signal that was input, as these signals degrade when they are fed into many components. By this means, a high signal is always amplified to full strength when it exits a gate component.