Precision Sawmill

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Precision Sawmill
Precision Sawmill

Name Precision Sawmill
Source Mod Mekanism
ID Name Unknown
Type Machine
Stackable No

The Precision Sawmill is used to process Wood into planks and reclaim wood from wooden items. It reclaims 100% of the items used to craft the wooden item and produces 6 Wood Planks or Sticks from each Wood Log or Wood Plank respectively.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Iron Ingot
Basic Control Circuit
Iron Ingot
Enriched Alloy
Steel Casing
Enriched Alloy
Iron Ingot
Basic Control Circuit
Iron Ingot
Precision Sawmill


The below table shows the various recipes that can be used with the Precision Sawmill.

Input Output Chance Output Probability
Wood Plank Stick x 6 Sawdust 25%
Wood Log Wood Plank x 6 Sawdust 100%
Ladder x 3 Stick x 7
Chest Wood Plank x 8
Trapdoor Wood Plank x 3
Boat Wood Plank x 5
Bed Wood Plank x 3 Cloth x 3 100%
Jukebox Wood Plank x 8 Diamond 100%
Bookshelf Wood Plank x 6 Book x 3 100%
Wooden Pressure Plate Wood Plank
Fence Stick x 3
Fence Gate Wood Plank x 2 Stick x 4 100%
Note Block Wood Plank x 8 Redstone 100%
Redstone Torch Stick Redstone 100%
Crafting Table Wood Plank x 4