Resonant Ender

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Resonant Ender
Resonant Ender

Name Resonant Ender
Source Mod Thermal Expansion
ID Name
First Appearance TE 2.2 for MC 1.4.7
Type Liquid
Stackable Unknown

Resonant Ender is a liquid used in the construction of a Tesseract.

If placed in the world using a Bucket, Resonant Ender teleports any entity that touches it to a random nearby location. If drank through a straw, the player will be teleported extremely far away and given "Nausea" and "Invisibility". Resonant Ender is also the second best liquid used for cooling used in Big Reactors besides Gelid Cryotheum. One of the best ways to use this liquid in Big Reactors is by putting a 3 wide layer of Dirt around the top layer of the Yellorium Fuel Rods in the Reactor. Then, by breaking the Dirt under the Resonant Ender you will create a huge increase in power output inside of your "Big Reactor".


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Ender Pearl

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Resonant Ender can be used to create the following items: