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How did this thing happen anyway?[edit]

Let me tell you a tale from the bygone era of June 2013.

<footer>Velotican, Lead Resonant Rise Pack Maintainer</footer>
Resonant Rise

It was a sunny day and Dave was busy showing off on the FTB forums with his new server full of the cool kids again. I was totally jelly, so I quietly lamented in a post that I wasn't cool enough to join. To my surprise, I got a PM fromKirinDave(!!!) offering me a spot on his cool kids server. Naturally, I accepted, and suddenly I was a tester for the as-yet-unreleased Resonant Rise, Dave's hobby project and baby. It turned out he, along with the cool kids, were trying to build a modpack that was good enough to host on the FTB Launcher. I wondered how Dave intended to distinguish the pack from other packs on the launcher, and he told me about how he wanted to build a modpack experience "totally unlike any other pack you've ever played". I was intrigued, and fully committed to that goal.

As it turned out, FTB wasn't interested in hosting our pack on their launcher. Disappointed, Dave began looking for a launcher we could call home.

We eventually found ATLauncher, who was super-interested in hosting us (and in fact, any pack people wanted to make), so we got distribution permissions for as many mods we used as we could and, before we knew it, RR 1.0.0 was released at last to the world. The journey was complete and the goal achieved. We still have this version of the pack on the launcher if you want to play it: it's our first really big milestone, after all.

Then, everything went dead. After all, the job was done, right? Minecraft 1.6 had shown up but the mod selection was limited and you couldn't realistically make a modpack with it, right? In fact none of the launchers supported packs using 1.6 at all... ...right?

...ATLauncher could do it already? Cool!

Dave began quietly building a working 1.6 pack prototype. Unfortunately what he played he didn't enjoy, and he slowly lost motivation. That and his day job picking up big-time made him virtually disappear. A certain plucky tester started producing unofficial config files compatible with Dave's to extend this fledgling RR 2.0, expecting nothing further to come of it other than offering Dave some help.

Dave offered the plucky tester direct admin access to the modpack itself. The tester was glad to help out, thinking Dave would only be gone for a few weeks, then take over modpack development again in October.

...Six months later and two Yogscast partnerships, here we are.

...So what IS Resonant Rise?[edit]

Resonant Rise 2.* is my puppy. He's gotten pretty big and carnivorous.


Resonant Rise 2.0 is built upon a Twin Triad model:



One "wing" of the pack is dedicated to technology mods such that you can get a full gameplay experience by sticking just to those mods alone.



Another wing is dedicated to magic mods; again, if you just play with these alone, you should get a full and rewarding experience.



The final wing is all about making pretty/awesome/foreboding bases; again, if you just use these mods, you shouldn't feel left out at all.

Remember Minecraft? That game that sold millions of copies on the back of it allowing you to create cool stuff and make your own adventure? Why not extend that part of the game too? Actually, wouldn't it be cool if you could create a huge base that looked great, unique and well-designed and all the bits actually did something?

If you dive into two or all three wings, that's what you get with Resonant Rise. In fact, it happened by accident, but you should find that no two players' bases look remotely the same in this pack. (Unless they're trying to look similar I guess.)

I mentioned this is a Twin Triad. Here's the other one:


The pack is tuned to be welcoming to newcomers (which can annoy some very experienced users sometimes - sorry testers!)


The pack is tuned to encourage you to try mods you would not normally try, both by including more obscure mods and by giving you ample resources to Just Make Cool Things ™.


The pack is designed to be fun to play for a long time rather than a quickly-forgotten novelty.

In other words, if you're after a challenge, you might be disappointed, but we're working on that one too - without ruining it for everyone else, of course.

So it's an Everything Pack like FTB Ultimate?[edit]

In practice it doesn't play anything like an FTB pack now but the comparison is valid, regardless.

I dunno, dude the mod list is pretty similar...[edit]

Trust me, they don't play the same. You'd be amazed what you can do with config files if you know how, and on top of that what we include that FTB doesn't shifts the playstyle of the pack radically, as well.

RR doesn't end with us throwing a bunch of mods together, making sure they don't kill each other then calling it a day. We curate the pack carefully so that it feels like a cohesive whole, and judging from our user feedback over the last few months we have succeeded in nearly all cases, there.

The big thing you'll notice is that no-one else does ore generation like I do. It's a controversial decision to this day but I'm sticking to my guns. Nope, the oregen in RR isn't Metallurgy's fault - it's all me (and Dave). :3