Solar Turbine

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Solar Turbine
Solar Turbine

Name Solar Turbine
Source Mod Factorization
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Note: this block is deprecated and cannot be crafted as of Factorization v0.7.15 ; it has been replaced by two blocks working together: the Solar Boiler and Steam Turbine. Old Solar Turbines will continue to work but new ones cannot be crafted. The Motor can be salvaged from Solar Turbines by placing them in a crafting grid.

Solar Turbines were the only way to produce Charge for Factorization. They must be placed over an infinite water source, with mirrors placed around them. The turbine will suck water up into itself, and during daytime the mirrors will cause it to evaporate, spinning the fan and generating power.

Solar Turbines will not generate power during the night, or when it is raining.


Example Setup[edit]

The Solar Turbine must be placed over an infinite water source.

Example Mirror Layout
Example Fully Efficient Mirror Layout

Mirror Placement[edit]

Mirrors must be placed in a circular shape around the solar turbine within a certain distance. The distance limit is not measured in blocks, but in actual distance, with the result that mirrors can go as far as 8 blocks in straight lines along the x or z axis, but they must be within five blocks on the diagonal.

Extra mirrors will cause it to go faster and generate more Charge. The mirrors must have line of sight and will be blocked by all blocks, including blocks otherwise considered transparent like glass, or other mirrors.