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Hi! I was playing on creative mode recently and noticed that there is a cheat sheet. It's basically a filled out Thaumonomicon. Should I just copy that information? JonathanHopeThisIsUnique (talk) 16:03, 19 April 2014 (CEST)

If you wish to copy that information here then you are welcome to it. User Page. ƒelinoel_Contributions 07:42, 20 April 2014 (CEST)

Thanks for answering, Felinoel! I'll do that now then. JonathanHopeThisIsUnique (talk) 17:13, 20 April 2014 (CEST)


Is vis truly supposed to be pronounced "veece"? Because the words used in the majority of this mod are Latin, and the proper Latin pronunciation of vis is "weece". 00:10, 29 April 2014 (CEST)

You'll have to speak to the head thaumaturge about that. User Page. ƒelinoel_Contributions 21:00, 8 May 2014 (CEST)
I believe it's actually supposed to be pronounced Frenchish, like "vee". Fun fact: "vis" is the French word for "screw", although pronounced differently. --dgelessus (talk · contribs) 21:28, 8 May 2014 (CEST)

Essential Resource information is corrupted[edit]

Uggh. Looks like the research data has been corrupted. I learned this while trying to score some motus. The data says that the solar panels have lots of motus, but none actually exists. I had forgotten to scan a piston, and when I did, I again found differences. I cannot find the source code, so it would be a significant chunk of work to come up with the correct values myself...


Please provide the version of Thaumcraft mod you are using. User PageTalk PageContributions 12:09, 24 December 2017 (CET)