Thaumic Exploration

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Thaumic Exploration
Thaumic Exploration
Name Thaumic Exploration
Creator Flaxbeard, nekosune
Latest Version 1.1-53
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Project
Forum MC Forum thread
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4
Modpacks Direwolf20 1.7 Pack
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Hexi's Dark Depths
JoeGaming ModPack
Magicality: The Next Dimension
The Crack Pack 2
The Dark Trilogy
TolkienCraft II

Thaumic Exploration is a small addon to Thaumcraft 4 that adds some useful items which make the process of playing with Thaumcraft a lot more enjoyable. It adds enchantments which are compatible with Thaumic Tinkerer.