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This article is about Vanilla Witch. You may be looking for Coven Witch from Witchery.

Name Witch
Health 26 (Heart.png x 13)
Hostility Hostile
Drops Common:
Glass Bottle Glass Bottle (0-2)
Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust (0-2)
Redstone Redstone (0-2)
Sugar Sugar (0-2)
Gunpowder Gunpowder (0-2)
Spider Eye Spider Eye (0-2)
Stick Stick (0-2)
Potion Potion (0-1) [1]
Source Mod Minecraft

The Witch is a hostile mob from vanilla Minecraft. Rather than attacking the player directly, a witch will throw Splash Potions of Poison, Slowness, and Harming. Witches can also drink potions of Fire Resistance and Healing in order to survive. They spawn naturally in Witch Huts, and since Minecraft 1.7.2, have a small chance to spawn anywhere in low light levels.

With Ex Nihilo, a Priest Villager can be turned into a Witch by placing it in Witch Water.

Twilight Forest's Transformation Powder will turn a Skeleton Druid into a Witch.


  1. Witches have a chance to drop the Potion they are currently drinking.