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Name Witchery
Creator Unknown
Latest Version 0.24.1
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Forums


Root Mod Unspecified
Modpacks Blood N' Bones
Crundee Craft
DNS Techpack
Direwolf20 1.6 Pack
Direwolf20 1.7 Pack
Feed The Beast Departed
Feed The Beast Horizons
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Feed The Beast Mage Quest
Feed The Beast Unstable
Magic World 2
Magicality: The Next Dimension

Witchery is a mod created by Emoniph that adds a host of witchcraft-related mechanics. The main disciplines of Witchery include: Voodoo, Circle Magic, Symbol Magic, Conjurations, and Mutations.

This mod is very complex and not for the faint of heart, starting out you should aim to get a witches oven and clay jars, this will allow you to collect the basic elements to begin advancing into the other areas of Witchery such as poppets, brews, and infusions.